Our Newest Family Member

Well… we have a new family member at our house.  His name is Barron.  He is an 85 pound Golden Pei.  Yep… part Golden Retriever and part Shar Pei.  Interesting combo right?  But… he is a handsome fellow!  We adopted him from the Bella Vista Animal Shelter yesterday.  We first met Barron a couple of months ago.  We had seen a couple of dogs on the Shelter website and just decided to go and see them.  We hadn’t decided for sure that we even wanted another animal, but we thought it would be a nice Saturday afternoon drive and what the heck, we could pet some of the animals and give them some attention.  When we passed Barron’s pen, he was visibly upset and barking and backing away from the front of his pen.  DJ stopped and watched him for a few minutes.  She asked the attendant if we could see him outside of the cage.  The attendant told us that she would bring him out and that he was much better outside of his pen.  She told us that he had been severely abused by kids who had thrown rocks and things at him through his fence.  He was dropped off at the shelter at about 9 months old and was very traumatized by what he had been through.

Once we were outside with him, he was no longer barking and was very timid.  He hid behind the attendant and had his tail tucked between his legs.  We were finally able to pet him, but he was so scared and just stood there trembling.  We fell in love with him immediately.  We talked about him all the way home.  We had a miniature long haired dachshund at home and she needed to be spayed before we could even think about adopting Barron.  Then… the holiday’s hit and life was crazy for a while.  We never stopped thinking about him though.  We brought his name up often and looked at him on the Bella Vista Animal Shelter website to see if he was still there or not.

On Saturday, 1-18-14 we took another drive to the Bella Vista Animal Shelter to see Barron and fill out the application to adopt him.  We didn’t ask to see any other animals, we were there for Barron.  We brought Percy our dachshund to make sure they got along.  Barron was again very timid.  He and Percy didn’t seem to mind each other.  So we filled out our application and had to wait until the manager was able to look it over on Monday.  We talked about Barron all weekend and had a hard time waiting until Monday.

We finally got the call Monday afternoon that we could come and get Barron! It was almost six days shy of a year that Barron had lived there at the shelter. It was going to be a special day. We had to get a few essentials for him before we went to get him!  We got him food and water bowls, a leash, bones and a great big pillow to lounge on in the living room.   Then we were on our way to get him!  The staff seemed as excited as we were!  They wanted pictures of him with us and helped us get him into the car.  He did very good on the car ride home.  Once we got home, we took him in and he had to sniff everything in the house!  He picked a spot on the love seat and stayed there most of the evening.

Barron and DJ
Carrie Barron

Barron and Me
Barron Couch

As for Percy, she decided since Barron wasn’t interested in his pillow or bone that she could use them!

Percy on Barron’s pillow and trying to eat a huge bone!
Percy with Bone

Barron slept in our room on the floor next to DJ’s side of the bed.  We thought we were all calmed down for the night and were laying down for bed.  As soon as the lights were out, we hear this loud crunching coming from DJ’s side of the bed.  It turns out, Barron brought his bone into our room and decided to have a midnight snack!  He slept ok, but was up and down a few times to check things out around the house.

This morning he followed us all around the house and was such a good boy.  His tail wasn’t tucked under anymore and he even wagged his tail when The Beav got out of bed and hugged him!  I think he likes us and hopefully soon he will feel very comfortable with us.  He ate good this morning and has no problem going out into our big, fenced in back yard to go to the bathroom.  He needs to be close to us and touch us in order to feel safe.  We don’t mind him being close to us and will be his security.  Here is a picture of Barron sleeping on my foot while I am typing this post!

Barron Foot Stool

We are so glad that Barron chose us as his family!  If you are looking for an addition to your family please visit your local shelter or humane society to adopt an animal that just needs your time and love.

DJ and Mrs. Cleaver


Didi and Ralph

We have two wonderful pets, a long-haired miniature dachshund named Percy and a fuzzy cat named Didi.  Percy originally belonged to DJ and Didi originally belonged to me.  Once we blended our family, these two have been inseparable.  Well there’s the story of these two and how they met… Now on with my story.

One fine evening, DJ and I had noticed Didi sitting by the door in our dining room.  This is no ordinary door mind you, it leads to our dusty hot water tank and that’s about all there is in there.  Didi had been sitting in front of that door all day staring at the crack at the bottom.  Every once in a while she would swipe a paw underneath.  I know what you’re thinking (mouse)… And I wish I had thought that too.  I just thought she was being playful!

DJ and I went to bed without another thought about Didi and her strange behavior.  At some point in the wee hours of the morning, I hear Didi in our room making a lot of racket.  Didi is usually pretty stealthy so I wondered what in the world she was up to.  Now keep in mind that I’m blind as a bat without my glasses.  I sit up in bed and look over to where all the racket is coming from.  I see this large blob that looks strangely fuzzy and is moving, which I assume is Didi.  My assumption was correct… it was Didi, but something was amiss.  She kept making this strange noise that was slightly muffled.  At this moment, I started to realize what was going on.  Didi was telling us all about her catch and she’d brought her hunted game into our bedroom to show us how good of a hunter she is.  YUCK!!!

I jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses and tried to shoo Didi out of our bedroom.  As soon as she was out of our room I slammed the door!  I ran over to the bed, shook DJ awake and informed her that Didi had caught a mouse and was running around the house with it.  She said… and I quote “Good.  Let her parade around the house with it.  She’s proud of it.”  I said “Really? But honey, she’s flipping it all over the house!” DJ sat up, looked at me and slowly got of bed.  She walked over to the door, opened it, stepped into the hallway and slowly closed the door behind her.  I hear her out in the hallway heaping all kinds of praise upon Didi.  I’m sure Didi was very proud of herself and loved all of the attention and praise she was getting from my better half!

Finally DJ came back to bed.  I waited for her to tell me what happened.  She said that you have to praise cats when they show you what they’ve killed.  You want them to know what a good thing they did and how proud you are of them.  She said that she praised Didi, told her how proud she was and then scooped up Ralph.  She also told me how she proceeded to place Ralph inside several Ziploc bags and an airtight container, and then placed him our freezer so that she could take him to show the slumlord in the morning.  Ugh!! I simply looked at her, shook my head and went back to bed!

Almost the Cleavers

Finally!  My first official blog post.  It’s taken a while to get here, but here we are.  You know, there are a lot of considerations when creating a blog.  Which blogging tool to use (I assume you figured out that I’m using WordPress), what to blog about, what to call your blog, etc.  It took a little longer than anticipated, but I think the up front work will be worth it.  I’ve decided to blog about what I know, my family, everyday life, and well… just any ol’ thing that I find interesting.

Now a little bit about our family.  I will give you the basic outline and then elaborate in future posts, which I can assure you will be quite humorous so stay tuned!  Our family is pretty typical, a working class couple raising two teenage daughters.  We have a dog, a cat, three vehicles, and we live in a two bedroom apartment.

Let me expand on this just a little.  We are a working class lesbian couple raising two teenage daughters.  One daughter is 17 and lives with her father in another state.  The other daughter is 16 and lives with us in our two bedroom apartment that is run by the local slumlord.  Did I mention that my finance’ and I have been together for five months?  I know what you’re thinking and stop it.  When you meet the one, you just know it.  And we both know it.

Our family is a blended one.  The dog was hers, the cat was mine, but now we’re just one big happy family!  The girls were hers, but now they’re mine too.  Heck, we’re almost the Cleavers!

Check back at least once a week for new stories.  Some will be funny, some will be intense, but you’ll always want to come back to see what happens next in our Almost the Cleavers kind of life.

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